Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Friends in Curte

Sandy spends all of her "free time" building friendships with the people she serves. She is everyone's friend in a neighborhood called, "curte" where she helps with a once a week Bible Study and once a week prayer meeting. Sandy loves these people and it shows. She knows what it is like to be a minority, to be rejected, and to feel like you haven't got a chance in life. She also knows that God exalts the humble! The story of her life is the vision she has for her friends here. A rags to righteousness tale of a young girl who dared to dream dreams that came from God.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

After-School Program

JUST A FEW of the crazy, wonderful, kids here in Reghin. The after-school program Sandy direct has about 20 students. She does this work, not alone, but with her friend and co-laborer, Luminitia (an amazing Gypsy woman who dreams of directing a school for Gypsy children who would not otherwise be educated).

They first feed the children, then talk with them, pray with them, etc. Then, each child receives help with homework along with specialized help in their learning gaps. Having been an Elementary school teacher in the States for several years, Sandy has the ability to pinpoint areas that need extra attention.

Along with their typical 5 day program, Sandy invests in the children individually and as a group. Thanks to her financial partners, Sandy was able to buy each of the children "back to school" supplies and shoes. She visits parents and prays with them during hard times. She takes interested in their lives and cares about their spirits even more than their education. Sandy even taught the children how to take a shower- something none of them had ever done before. (They love using her fruity shampoo!)

The children Sandy helps are overcoming extreme prejudice and hopeless circumstances. One of her goals is to see each one of them attend Highschool, which is not at all common for Gypsy children. Sandy also hopes to instill in these children the confidence that comes from knowing that God is on their side, He has a good plan for their lives, and He loves them more than anything else!

A dental program is in the works for the after-school program kids. Many children have broken teeth, infected gums, and other painful problems. For around $50 per child, per year, Sandy can make sure they have 6 month check ups, cleanings, and extractions when necessary. Send Sandy an e-mail today if you are interested in sponsoring several children for the 2006-2007 school year.

About Sandy

Sandra Garcia is a missionary to Reghin, Romania where she directs an after-school program and a youth group Gypsy children. Browse this Blog for more information and lots of pictures of the precious children she touches each day!

The individuals who partner with her to make her work possible are as much responsible for the content of this page as she is. They are faithful people who believe in Sandy and have a heart for children they have never met.